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Interide Freight Brokerage School Course Description (To be updated)

Logistics and Transportation 101
Detailed history and overview of the Logistics industry. Learn how logistics started and the direction freight brokerage is going. Students will also gain an understanding of the FMCSA regulations and terminology used within the industry.

Sales Training
Students will learn the sales process and tactics used to make an effective sales call.

Role Play
During the course we will break down each step of the sales process and incorporate role play scenarios to take a hands-on approach so students feel comfortable during each step.

Credit and Claims
When building a book of business it is critical that brokers understand the importance of credit and claims within the brokerage. Students will know the requirements customers must meet in order to be set up as a customer and the process one must go through. The claims side will also be discussed so the students feel comfortable when situations of claims arise.

Building a Load
The operational side of building a load will be covered. Students will learn what information is needed from the customer in order to successfully sell a load of freight.

Rating: Presentation and Negotiation
Once a customer is qualified one must know how to properly submit rates for lanes of freight and understand the tools used when submitting a bid.

Web Tools
There are a variety of web tools that can be used to help generate leads for a book of business and also tools used to find available trucks to cover the freight that is booked. Students will walk through a few different ways to find solid leads in order to create a lead list from which to begin calling. They will also learn ways to find trucks to cover available freight.

Generating Lead Lists
Once the tools have been provided to find leads, students will be given an opportunity to begin generating lists of leads to call. They will put into practice all that has been learned and begin generating lists.

Tests and Quizzes
Quizzes and a final exam will be given during the week that will test the skills and concepts that have been presented and learned during the training. Students will be graded accordingly and will understand the material that is on the quizzes.

The Art of Negotiation
During this segment, students will learn tactics used when brokering truckloads of freight. There will be a role-play session involved.

Safety – including logs and hours of service
Transportation providers must abide by specific safety regulations in order to be qualified as a safe carrier. The terms and conditions will be addressed and examples given as to the qualifications required.

Dispatching a Load
The information needed to dispatch a driver on a load will be provided. Students will learn what information must be given and what information is needed in order to dispatch a carrier on a load.

Tracking the Truck
Once a driver is dispatched, it is critical that the load is tracked from start to finish to ensure adequate customer service levels back to the customer. The check-call process will be presented.

Once students have learned what it takes to find a carrier to move a load of freight, they will participate in role-play sessions and go through the entire process from negotiation, selling the load, dispatching the load and tracking the truck.

Policies and Procedures
A breakdown of policies and procedures will be presented so students have a few options of procedures that must take place when finding business, brokering loads and maintaining relationships with both customers and carriers.

Invoicing and Billing
When starting a business, it is crucial that students are aware of the process behind invoicing and billing customers and carriers.

This segment will be a basic overview of accounting. Students will learn about credits, debits, balance sheets, and cash flow and gain an understanding of how accounting principles will enhance their overall business model.

When building a business the marketing arm is a major aspect of establishing and growing a business. Marketing principles will be discussed and a quiz will be given to ensure the students understand the basics behind marketing principles.

Time Management
An overview of the contact management tool will be presented and students will have a better idea of how to manage time wisely to ensure the highest levels of production and efficiency.

Resource Integration
Application of all tools and concepts presented will be put into action.

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